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LIFT Bodyweight & Bands

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Want in on the many benefits of resistance training - denser bones, greater confidence, feeling stronger, surprising delivery drivers - but don't have any weights?


I am on a mission to make progressive resistance training accessible to as many women as possible. One of the barriers I hear voiced by a lot from women who want to start resistance training is a lack of equipment, maybe due to lack of budget or space. Or maybe they just don't want to buy a load of dumbbells until they get a flavour of what it's all about. 


I decided to design a balanced, full-body, progressive training programme which requires just the user's bodyweight or a resistance band, and I'm pretty pleased with what I've put together! This is a self-paced, six week training programme with three 45 minute (max) sessions a week. You can do all three weekly or just stick to one or two; it's up to you. The videos are pre-recorded for you to follow along wherever and whenever's convenient to you, and there's no cut off. Once you've purchased the programme you have lifelong access. 

At the heart of this programme is the concept of progressive overload - we repeat the programming over the six week training block, but we make things a little more challenging week on week, where possible. This is the magic ingredient - overlooked in so many programmes - to enable you to feel and see results! You'll find weekly guidance notes to help you with this. 

This programme is suitable for - but definitely not limited to - complete beginners, with easier versions shown for every movement. While not specifically designed as a pre- or postnatal programme, you'll find perinatal modifications where appropriate to enable you to adjust the programming as needed. 


Enter code EARLYBIRD for my special launch price of £29.

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