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Remote Coaching

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Personal Training

I will work with you - whatever your starting point and goals - to help you get to where you want to be. 


I coach women at all life stages. I particularly enjoy supporting clients during and after pregnancy, as these can be physically and emotionally challenging chapters which often require a smarter strategy than simply to 'listen to your body'.


If you have pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis recti, hernia or incontinence I can bridge the gap between pelvic health physiotherapy and fitness and support you to return to the activities you enjoy and to regain your confidence in your body. PT sessions will incorporate strength, conditioning and mobility.


Aside from first sessions, which are charged at £75 for 60 minutes, my personal training sessions are sold in four week blocks with either one or two sessions per week.

One 60 minute session per week £280 

Two 60 minute sessions per week £520

Sessions are held in London, SW14. Unfortunately, I cannot travel to clients' homes.Training blocks are payable in advance, and include one make up session within the four week block. These prices include weekly homework sent to you via an app, and check-ins from me if you would like them, so that you can keep momentum between our sessions.

Remote Coaching

I launched my remote coaching service to cater for women who couldn’t commit to weekly sessions with me - because of time, budget and/or distance - but who nonetheless wanted my support with their training. 


My remote coaching offering is not best suited to for beginner athletes. You'll need to have some knowledge of and experience with exercise. If you are a beginner, you'd be better off starting with personal training, and then switching to remote coaching in due course.

My clients include: gym-savvy individuals who want specific guidance through their pregnancy; women who are just starting back after giving birth (including those with diastasis recti, prolapse, hernia and/or incontinence); and others who just want someone else to write their programme for them so that they can have a little break from decision-making!

Your programme will include strength, conditioning and mobility work. It will be designed to fit your goals, current fitness levels, availability to train and the equipment you have access to. Your workouts will be sent to you weekly via an app on which you can log each training session and upload videos for me to review. I will be there to offer support, cheer-leading, troubleshooting and accountability as required.

Price: £80 per month

Please get in touch to join my waiting list to become a remote coaching client.

Bespoke /

This 2 hour, one-to-one session is for pregnant mums who want to get to know their body better during pregnancy, and to learn to move it in a way which is nourishing and beneficial for it. The session is in 2 parts: theory first, then practical. It’s be tailored to meet your needs and level of fitness and is suitable whether it is your first pregnancy or not.

During the masterclass we will: 

  • look at what the ‘core’ is

  • explore how pregnancy can affect your core, in particular your breathing and pelvic floor

  • swot up on issues like diastasis recti, incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse

  • go through some essential strategies for postnatal rehab for after your baby is born

  • practise diaphragmatic breathing and pelvic floor muscle exercises

  • talk about body image, 'athlete brain' and the importance of rest

  • complete a one-hour Personal Training session during which we will put into practice some of the theory we have covered


The masterclass takes place in a dedicated space at my home in Barnes with an assault bike, TRX, dumbbells, kettlebells, barbell, Olympic plates, wall bars and lots more fun pieces of kit.

Price: £200

Please get in touch to book your session.

Bespoke /

Troubleshooting Session

These 90 minute sessions are for clients who have a particular issue they would like to work through with me. Examples from previous troubleshooting sessions include: a netballer who was leaking urine during jumps; a mother of three who felt her diastasis recti was not improving despite trying everything; and an F45 lover with a hernia who wanted to return to high impact exercise.

These sessions bridge the gap between pelvic health physiotherapy and fitness. We will look at your current tendencies in movement and explore new strategies to see what works for you.

Price: £150

Please get in touch to book your session.

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About Me


I am Elizabeth. I live in Barnes with my husband, our three children and our French bulldog.

After having my first baby in January 2013, I felt totally overwhelmed and my mental health suffered. I knew that exercise would help my mood, but I lacked the time, motivation or energy to fit it in. I hoped to have a second baby fairly soon after having my first so, apart from the occasional run, I put fitness to the bottom of my priority list. After my second baby was born in December 2014, the mental adjustment was a lot smoother but, with both a baby and a toddler to care for, I felt stretched and perpetually tired. I did some Pilates, which I really enjoyed, but otherwise failed to find my fitness groove. When my son was around 18 months, I joined a gym. I started with Barre workouts and then began doing circuits and HIIT classes. I loved the buzz of working out and began to feel more like myself again. One day, the instructor had laid out skipping ropes as a station in the circuits class. I hadn't jumped rope since before having babies and I was mortified when I wet myself while attempting to! I was too embarrassed to say anything or to leave the class so I did a further two rounds of the circuit before going home to research - desperately - what had just happened to me. On my rehab journey, I realised that mainstream fitness is under-serving women like me. And not just women like me, but women generally. I wanted to learn more. I wanted to share what I was learning with as many women as possible. So, I decided to leave my career and to re-qualify as a personal trainer. I feel enormously privileged to have this second career, and to be able to support incredible women every single day. I had my third baby, a boy, in June 2019.

Qualifications and training:

Level 2 Fitness Instructor (Premier Global, 2017)​; Level 3 Personal Trainer (Premier Global, 2017)​; Level 3 Designing Pre- and Postnatal Exercise Programmes (Premier Global, 2017)​; Pre- and Postnatal Exercise Prescription (Burrell Education, 2017)​; Postnatal Doula Preparation (Younique Postnatal Ltd, 2017)​; Piston Science, Module 1 (Julie Wiebe, 2018)​; Pelvic Floor Piston, Foundation for Fitness (Julie Wiebe, 2018)​; Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism 1.0 (Brianna Battles, 2018)​; The Female Athlete, Level 1 (Antony Lo, 2019)

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