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LIFT - Bodyweight & Bands

Want in on the many benefits of resistance training - getting stronger, gaining confidence, building muscle mass and denser bones - but lack weights? I've got you! My self-paced, six week programme can be done - as the name suggests - with just your own bodyweight and a couple of resistance bands. There are three workouts, which will remain the same each week - if we want to get stronger we need to stick with the same routine rather than constantly change sh*t up. I encourage you to choose however many sessions (1, 2 or 3) are realistic for you to complete consistently each week, and stick with them for at least 6 weeks. Each session lasts around 45 minutes, including your warm up and cool down. In Week 1 of the programme, you'll establish your baseline for each exercise, finding the right level of challenge for you. Over the subsequent weeks, you'll apply the principle of progressive overload, using my guidance notes, to make things a little more challenging as and when possible. This magic combination of repetition and progressive overload will help you to see and feel results. I can't wait to take you through the programme. Click Get Started to...get started. *Please be aware that LIFT - Bodyweight & Bands does not include check-ins or ongoing support from me. If you want this, please have a look at the plans, for my monthly weights focused LIFT programme.* By purchasing, you agree to my Terms and Conditions, available to read on my website.

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